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Peridot's Solution

We strive to be unlike any other cannabis software solution currently on the market. We made a decision early on to incorporate education into our platform and offer a robust product that eliminates the need for our users to have an extensive understanding of technological tools.


At our core, Peridot is an online ordering software solution that couples logistical services with a multitude of customizable options to meet the needs of individual retailers with differing client needs. Our online ordering platform was designed and built out to be an easily navigable and visually appealing platform for both business owners and online customers. On the backend, the real-time shop dashboard for owners and managers is easy to navigate and designed to help the user easily measure online ordering metrics. Our online store for shoppers helps customers locate, assess and learn about product offerings. Customizable filters and our dedication to unmatched connectivity ensures your customer can get what they want quickly and easily without feeling overwhelmed.

Online Ordering
Website Builder


Peridot’s customizable website builder, which was developed with complete flexibility in mind, is what really sets our software solution apart from other offerings on the market. Through our management dashboard retailers can create a unique and visually appealing website easily and with little technical know-how. Our website builder allows you to choose from one of our fully customizable templates. Our team of engineers is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be reached through our chatbox. With Peridot your shop will stand out for its visual appeal and simple functionality in a sea of monotonous and confusing websites.


We’ve spent a great deal of time and research in our pursuit to help educate not only consumers but shop workers as well. Our database includes a catalog of thousands of retail cannabis products. The catalog includes product descriptions, hi-res images and terpene profile information for every single one of our products. Each terpene profile informs a customer what flavors, effects and common treatments they can expect from products containing that terpene. Our data-entry team checks daily lab reports to ensure all of the information in our database is up to date and error-free. As more and more states legalize cannabis there becomes a growing need to build out educational resources for the novice consumer.

Cannabis Education

The Importance of Online Presence

Cannabis consumers, on average, will use 3-5 services to make online purchasing decisions before a transaction takes place. However, 35-40% of cannabis retailers lack any sort of online presence, meaning there is a lot of money left on the table simply because retailers lack a basic website. And with the global cannabis industry projected to be worth $90.4 billion by 2026, establishing an online storefront now can help ensure long-term success.

Why Peridot?

Our infrastructure, automation abilities, analytical properties and educational component are direct results of our desire to give the cannabis community a robust solution designed with business owners and cannabis consumers in mind. Online sales make up more than 50 percent of cannabis retailers' total revenue which is why Peridot, is revolutionizing the way cannabis e-commerce is done. In choosing Peridot you’re saying yes to saving time and money while increasing online sales.

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