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Rooted in Technology, Sprouted from Cannabis

Cameran Testerman

Feb 1, 2022

Peridot, the gem itself, is a very rare find on the surface of the earth. Making it a very sought after and prized possession. Like the gem, that is what we strive to be with our company. Unlike all other cannabis tech software's in the market, we are aiming to be the first all-in-one software available in the industry. Making our technology one of the most unique finds in cannabis. After only 3 years of founding Peridot, we have developed and built out industry leading features within our platform. While assembling the most driven and inventive team out there. How did we get to the point where we are now? Well let's take a look back into our company's young history.

At our roots, Peridot was established when our founder (Sean) saw that there was something missing amongst cannabis storefronts. At that time, shops were using a number of different software's and subscriptions to run the day to day of their online business. After speaking with numerous store owners, managers, budtenders and consumers, Sean wanted to create the first all encompassing tech software. Because we took the time and made the effort to listen to all involved within the industry, the result was a software that specifically caters to the cannabis space. In our story we want to provide dispensaries with the tools to make them the hero!

So what do we offer to shops? At our core we are an online ordering software, but we have built out features that make us so much more. Our online ordering was designed and built out to be one of the best looking in the industry, while making it one of the easiest to use for both shop owners and customers. On the backend, the real-time shop dashboard for owners and managers is easy to navigate and designed to help understand all of the online ordering metrics. Our online store for customers assists in finding the right product with the filters that are provided, and with our unmatched connectivity customers can shop quick and easily.

The second biggest piece to Peridot is our customizable website builder, that was developed with complete flexibility in mind. With our website builder shops choose from one of our templates and can customize as much or as little as they choose. Easily brand and build out your website from the same store dashboard that is used for our online ordering. We realized that website building is something that may be daunting to some. That is why we designed it so that zero prior knowledge of website building/designing is required. However if at any point you do require assistance with any part of this feature, a chat box is available 24/7 that will connect you live with one of our engineers.

Where Peridot really separates ourselves from the rest of the pack, is in our pursuit to help educate not only consumers but shop workers as well. We have undertaken the time and effort to build out a database of more than 12,000 products all with individual photos, descriptions and terpene profiles. In fact, we have a team dedicated to checking lab reports everyday to ensure we have the most up to date information. As cannabis legalization becomes more widespread across the country, we see an importance to educate new consumers about the different effects a product can have and the different healing properties certain strains may have. That is why our online store allows customers to filter products by terpenes and possible effects. Providing this same education to shopworkers is equally as important, as they are able to give better suggestions and descriptions to in-store customers.

Because we listened, we took the necessary steps to create a software that focused around the feedback we received. From the design, ease of use, unique features and every other aspect of our software, it all stems from ideas and input from those within the cannabis industry. When a shop signs up to use Peridot’s platform, our goal is to help them save time, save money and automatically increase online sales. And with online sales contributing to over 50% of shops total revenue, a software like ours is revolutionizing the way cannabis e-commerce is done.

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