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Deep Dive into Humulene

Cameran Testerman

Sep 18, 2021

During last week's terpene Tuesday we highlighted Humulene across our socials. Being one of the most popular terpenes found in cannabis, we felt it was important to let it have its time in the spotlight! However, a post just begins to scratch the surface as to what this terpene is capable of and all the benefits it provides. Find somewhere comfortable to sit and get ready for your ultimate crash course lesson on humulene!

Humulene was originally discovered within the essential oils of Humulus Lupulus cones, or better known as hops. Yes, the same kind of hops that are used to preserve and give beer its flavor. Along with humulene, a number of other terpenes can be found within the oils of Humulus Lupulus such as, myrcene and linalool. Humulene has been around for many years, beginning with its use in holistic Eastern medicinal applications. High concentrations of the terpene were found within sage oil, which was used in ancient Chinese practices as an herbal remedy. Fast forward to today, Chinese ginseng which contains humulene is used for a number of different purposes.

Humulene has a unique profile, in which it is found in an abundant number of essential oils and other sources. However it has a very distinct taste and aroma that is hard to confuse with other terpenes. It is thought to be one of the terpenes responsible for giving cannabis its particular scent, along with myrcene and pinene. Humulene offers a woody aroma with notes of spice and a bitter earthy taste.

Common cultivars that contain high levels of humulene are:

  • Pink Kush: A heavy indica-dominant profile makes this strain very potent. Consumption of this strain will leave you with a happy and relaxed feeling.

  • Sour Diesel: Another potent and pungent aroma gives this sativa its name, for having a diesel-like scent. Users report being happy and euphoric.

  • Girl Scout Cookies: A popular hybrid, GSC has won several Cannabis Cup awards. It leaves consumers with a sense of full-body relaxation.

  • Headband: This indica hybrid is named after the sensation of pressure around the crown of the head that consumers have reported. There have been a number of effects users have described after consuming headband, the most common are calming and focused.

Because humulene has been around for centuries, it is a well researched terpene that has several key benefits of its consumption. One key trait of humulene is its anti-inflammatory characteristics. In fact it has been deemed comparable to the corticosteroid dexamethasone, which is the main drug used to treat inflammation in various parts of the body. Those diagnosed with Crohn’s disease often choose cannabis products with high concentrations of humulene for this property of the terpene. The second key trait of humulene, that requires additional research, is its ability to combat cancerous cells when utilized as a constituent of balsam fir oil. It is thought that humulene in the oil has the capability to suppress cancer cells antioxidant processes, which terminates tumor growth. Unlike most other terpenes found in cannabis, humulene is one of the few that is an appetite suppressant and can help promote weight loss.

As one of the most abundant terpenes found in cannabis, chances are (if you are a consumer) that you have consumed humulene at some point in time! While in this context we have mainly talked about humulene consumption in flower form, it can also be consumed in an aerosol form as well as topically. Next time you are browsing through your local Peridot powered online store, be sure to use the terpene filter and select humulene to see a list of products containing this popular terpene!

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