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6 Tips to Grow a Better Website

Cameran Testerman

Nov 8, 2021

As time goes by on a yearly, monthly and even daily basis, we can’t deny or avoid the advances of technology. In wake of the current global pandemic, shoppers are adjusting their buying habits to more online shopping. As companies look to increase their online presence it’s important to know how to do so in an effective manner. That’s why below we have compiled a list of tips to help your cannabis shop grow a website and see increased online sales.

Your Website Should Reflect your Storefront

Your website is just an extension of your storefront, so it should have the same characteristics. Including photos of the inside and outside of your shop is an effective way to help shoppers feel a sense of realism when browsing your website. Consider adding a ‘Meet Our Team’ page, that highlights your shop's employees and considering throwing up a fun fact about them. Once again adding a sense of realism, and allowing shoppers to recognize a familiar face when they come into your shop for the first time.

Update it on a Regular Basis

By updating your website on a regular basis, it keeps shoppers curious and coming back more often to see what might be new. Simply updating the main photo on your home page, or updating your best deals on a rotating timeline. Think about updating your website with important announcements or information such as a change in business hours, or new inventory that is going to be available soon. Encouraging your shoppers to routinely go online to stay up to date on everything about your shop!

Draw More Traffic to your Website

Similar to the last tip, encourage your in store shoppers to check out your website for the most updated deals and inventory. Providing online shopping discounts or referral codes for shoppers to use will draw them to shop via your website. Focus on including words and images that help with your websites search engine optimization (SEO), and will put you towards the top of google searches. Having as few stock photos as possible will greatly increase your SEO, as well as promoting your website through your social media.

There Should be a Theme

Having a consistent theme across all pages on your website will make it much more appealing to the shopper. Something as simple as a certain color scheme can make your website look and feel more complete. Some popular color schemes will cater to the time of year or current season. Red & orange in the fall, blue in the winter, green & pink in the spring, and yellow in the summer. Similarly, different colors for the different holidays. A separate theme would be to match your website to your brand and/or logo. If your logo's main color is green with some outlines of yellow, your website might mainly feature that same green with hints of yellow.

Help Educate Shoppers

Within this industry you can have a giant gap between shoppers' experiences with cannabis. That’s why it’s important to give some basic education on different products. You could have a shopper that is new to cannabis and nervous about going into a shop. They might feel more comfortable ordering online and learning about products so they know what they should be looking for. Not to mention, including education on your website could help improve SEO.

Use Peridot

If you use Peridot’s website builder, all of the tips listed above could be implemented into your shop's website in 15 minutes or less. Our software allows your website to be fully customizable. You are able to change every single color, incorporate your best deals, and upload your own photos, along with many other features. As for things like SEO and education, don’t worry those are things that we already automatically do for you when you sign up with Peridot. We have an extensive product database all with their own individual photos, so we rarely ever use stock images. In regards to educating, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading educators among cannabis software's. Every shop that signs up with Peridot is given a ‘Cannabis 101’ page on their website that we update on a regular basis.

If your shop is looking for a new e-commerce and website provider, look no further than Peridot. We are the first all-in-one software built by and for the cannabis industry.

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