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Product Mapper

Peridot is a C-tech company (cannabis tech) that helps retail dispensaries generate additional revenue online. Think of us as the Shopify for the legal cannabis space. Everything that we do for our store owners is about effortlessly generating more sales for them month after month. We accomplish that goal by using a diverse array of tools from conversion optimization to artificial intelligence, which will make decisions on the fly to guarantee their Peridot store the best chance of success in the online marketplace.

Job Description

Mapping shop-level products to Peridot’s database to showcase inventory for online ordering. By mapping products, each product profile will include images along with our detailed descriptions composed of genetics, strain descriptions and searchable keywords.


  • Checking for new products weekly

  • Mapping store-level products to Global Products (our database)

  • Researching brands and their product lines

  • Editing product names, variants (weight/units) to fit a format

  • Uploading product photos and maintaining current information regarding product lines and branding

  • Monitoring our clients’ websites for quality assurance and making necessary edits

Skills And Qualifications

  • Budtending experience

  • Brand knowledge

  • Familiarity with dispensary POS (inputting products)

  • Cannabis knowledge (cannabinoid science, strains, strain types, product categories, units, legal limits, brands, extraction methods)

  • Attention to detail and organization skills

  • Clear communication

  • Consistent availability (20+ hrs/week)

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